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Have you been accused of a crime in Waukesha, Wisconsin? A criminal charge or arrest does not mean a conviction. Reach out to an experienced defense lawyer immediately if you are facing criminal allegations. From drug crimes to DUI to homicide, the attorneys at Garuz Crawford handle a range of misdemeanor and felony cases. They want to get results in the courtroom, and they will fight energetically and strategically to do so. They are committed to aggressively defending the accused in court and helping them navigate the intimidating and complex criminal justice system. 

For communicative and informative legal representation in your criminal case, reach out to Garuz Crawford today. Free initial consultations available.

What to Do If You Have Been Accused of a Crime

You should not answer any questions from law enforcement without first consulting an attorney. You have the right to legal counsel and the right to remain silent, so make sure you exercise those rights and seek experienced representation as soon as you can. Anything you say can and will be held against you, and your own word can prove to be invaluable evidence that the prosecution may twist for a conviction. 

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Garuz Crawford handles a range of criminal charges and procedures, including:

  • Restraining orders (e.g., TROs, Domestic Abuse and Harassment Injunctions) – These orders have the potential for huge consequences, such as the loss of a defendant’s right to possess firearms, right to child custody, and more. Contact Garuz Crawford for more information about the implications of these orders.
  • Traffic violations – Speeding tickets and other traffic violations can be more than just annoying. Not only can they result in higher insurance premiums, but they can cause serious problems for CDL drivers, out-of-state drivers, and new drivers with probationary licenses. Usually, a skilled attorney can save you a trip to court and negotiate on your behalf. Before you decide to pay the ticket and skip court, give Garuz Crawford a call to talk about better options.
  • Pre-charging – Don’t wait until you’ve been formally charged with a crime to contact a lawyer. What should you do if law enforcement wants to meet with you? Many times, people make their situation worse by cooperating with the police without consulting an attorney first. Hiring an attorney at the first sign of trouble may help you avoid charges altogether or even result in less serious charges being issued against you. 
  • Drunk driving – Impaired driving, also known as OWI, DUI, or DWI, can happen to anybody. In Wisconsin, a first offense OWI is a non-criminal offense, although in some circumstances, a first offense can be criminal. Nonetheless, whether the consequences involve jail time or not, they are costly and have a lot at stake — your license, your job, and your ability to go about your day on your terms. 
  • OWI by marijuana/THC – OWI isn’t limited to just alcohol. Marijuana/THC isn’t legal in Wisconsin, so there isn’t a “legal limit” for THC. Any detectable amount of the active THC metabolites Delta-9-THC or 11-Hydroxy-THC in a person’s blood can result in prosecution. So, even if the amount of THC in your system may not have been enough to impair your ability to drive, you could still be charged under Wisconsin law.

The above are only a handful of examples of cases Garuz Crawford handles. Schedule an initial consultation with the firm today to learn more about how they can help you with your specific legal concerns.

Contact Garuz Crawford for a free consultation. Advocating for defendants throughout Washington, Ozaukee, Milwaukee, and Waukesha Counties.

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